Carston Hewlett, a well known brilliant urban playwright according to the New York Times, just coming off of the New York opening of his new play is tired, a lack of sleep has him in a foul mood, but he’s agreed to attend a Culture Festival in Midville where he will be teaming up with country pop star Sherry Valentine, a hot craze in country music.  He detests Country music; he’s more of a Classical sort of guy, a loner that hates cocktail parties, interviews and anything to do with large crowds of people.  So why did he agree to do this radio program is beside him.  This woman is probably a flashy chit using her country twang singing about cowboys, tears in my beer lyrics to make her way in the cutthroat profession of so called country music.  Maybe he can just sneak out, maybe no one will notice until he’s able to make his escape from this fiasco. 

A sexy man,  gray in his hair, muscled and toned, he could clearly have any woman he wanted.  After all, he’s surrounded by beautiful stage actresses, media and journalists.  But is he really the Ivy Leaguer he seems to be?  You know the type, loving family who supports him, a silver spoon kind of person, and all the best schools, dressed to the nines.  As far as relationships go, they don’t.  He’s totally happy and content with his solitary life and not willing to subject his heart to open up to any woman again.   But is he really deep down this kind of man? 

Sherry Valentine is tired of being on the road.  For years she has lived in hotels, on a tour bus eating plastic food, dealing with band members, screaming fans and a tenacious slave driving manager that calls her chicken.  She needs a change and is going to call it quits in the music business.  She’s going into acting, she wanted to be an actress, live in Hollywood, and have a home.  She just has to get through this interview with Carston Hewlett, some well know playwright, and of course her concert at this Culture Festival in this rinky dink little hole in the wall town of Midville.  A playwright and a country singer has nothing whatsoever in common.

She hates her stage presence, with orange dyed hair and green contact lenses, her red wet-look lipstick and her clothes.  Good Lord she’s all flash with her fringed jacket, tight jeans and cowboy boots.  What has she become?  She’s constantly in the public eye, she can never truly be herself, and this freaky look she portrays, well, that’s what her fans like and it’s what packs her concerts and keeps the country hungry fans coming back for more.  It is what it is! 

Her past, well she hails from a little country town called Dog’s Pass from up in the Ozarks, a place no one has ever heard of.  She comes from a poor family with a mother that just didn’t care and who knew about her father.  She certainly didn’t!  But Sherry harbors secrets.  Secrets best left in her own heart and mind.  Does she ever make her move into acting?  Will she be a success or will she fall flat on her face?  And what about this Carston Hewlett character?  Lord she wishes this gig was over so she could be on her way.

As these two characters meet in this tiny town of Midville, the events that surround them as fate would have it, are thrust into some twists and turns and unexpected events that bring them into some interesting scenarios.  You’ll find yourself asking, are these two going to ever get together?

This book was a breath of fresh air to me.  The author introduces the characters in a way that you will become entwined in their story.  There’s humor throughout the book and I really enjoyed this authors way of keeping the story light.  Carston comes off to me as a stuck up, pompous ass, a person that has his nose stuck so far in the air birds could perch on it.  But as he unfolds his story to the author he becomes, and is actually a very down to earth, loner for sure, but a man of substance and has a heart.  Sherry, well she is just a gal tired of her life as it is, but her character has a way of getting inside your heart.  She’s comes off to me as a sweet hometown woman searching for happiness.  Someone who has struggled to get where she’s at.  Hey, aren’t we all searching and striving for the same thing out of our own lives?

You can relate to this story. There’s no action, and the love scenes, are very tastefully written.  There are only three main characters and a few secondary.  No raunchy kinky kind of sex going on, just tenderness in the most elemental kind of way, but the book is not centered just on sex.   I enjoyed the way the story just keeps on moving.  It won’t drag and be boring and you’ll find yourself not wanting to put it down.  The author’s style of telling her character’s stories is unique to me.  She does use some big words on occasion throughout the book and I found myself having to hit ole Webster, but the good thing was the grammar was excellent, I didn’t see any typos or misplaced words and that in itself is a huge plus.  Good editing.

All in all, it is a great book.  It believe it or not, reinforces my way of thinking when it comes to finding a new love, a new beginning.  In other words, it made me believe that finding happiness again is quite possible, or at least that’s what it makes you think.   Easy huh! Probably as easy as it seems. So that leaves you with the question.  Is this a Contemporary or a Fairy Tale?  Read it, and see for yourself.

I give this book a four heart RT rating.  But the cover, well I’m only giving it a two diamond rating.  I really didn’t like the cover at all.  You can barely see the couple and it to me just didn’t do justice to the book that it deserves.  But as I’m a graphic’s artist myself I can be a little opinionated.  I would highly recommend this book to romance readers and I will be reading more from this author.


A Book Review By Diana (Annie) Jones

Release Date : January 23, 2015


A Swan's Sweet Song



By Romance Magazine

Review by Romance Magazine


A Swan's Sweet Song

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